Counselling &
Clinical Supervision Testimonials

Having worked as a counsellor since 1998 and a supervisor since 2003 I take great pride in empowering my clients to live fulfilling lives and to support other counsellors to provide the best practice they can for their clients. 

Here is a small collection of words of gratitude from some of my clients and supervisees. 

Counsellor supervision and professional development
“I have been meeting with Carolyn regularly for 6 months and it has been a time of huge growth and learning for me. I feel very comfortable opening up to her, and I appreciate the way she uses both her counselling and life coaching skills as appropriate to the issues I want to discuss. I have learnt so much about how I ‘talk to myself’, plus new skills to change this for the better. I feel a lot more positive, confident and at peace.”

- A. B. Perth

“I have been attending the Metro Counselling Service for about eight years, for Counselling through Clinical supervision, (a requirement for professional development by having clinical supervision, being a professional counsellor myself). During this time I have been given counselling supervision where I have been able to express my feelings and thoughts both personal; and work related in a manner where I have felt a strong therapeutic relationship with my supervisor, in a manner that is secure, empathetic and understanding, where I have been challenged and supported both with personal issues and with my clients at my workplace. The service provided by Metro Counselling service is both Professional in its business and in its Counselling service, is highly ethical and non-judgemental in practice. Counselling Supervision through the Metro Counselling Service has enabled me to continue to be able to demonstrate strong professional practice by myself with my clients in the knowledge that I am being as best in practice as a counsellor as I can be for my clients to enable them to work through their difficulties in their lives to progress forward to change that will make a difference for themselves and society in general. “

- S.G. Perth

“Carolyn has shown me the alternatives to the perception that we have no choice or that our lives are determined by things that appear to be our control. I spent a considerable number of years letting my path be lead by others and invested a lot of energy in trying to accommodate situations that I was inherently uncomfortable with. I have learnt how to take control of my life and think about ways to achieve my own goals. Sometimes we forget our own strength when things aren’t going to plan. She has taught me to be confident in making changes where they are needed and following my own convictions which inevitably lead to the right decisions. From this my own sense of strength has gradually returned and I am beginning to revel in the rediscovered sense of knowing and accomplishment. “

- V. M. Perth

“Carolyn helped me through a very challenging time in my life. Her insight and emotional support helped me to heal emotionally and spiritually during a very difficult time. Carolyn’s professionalism and gentle, supportive nature made me feel comfortable and able to be open about very personal issues. I truly am indebted to Carolyn for her help and consider her to be a genuine inspiration. “

- F. M. Los Angeles

“Metro Counselling really helped and supported me in dealing with some issues that I had in my life, they were really easy to talk to and understood how I was feeling. They made it easy to make appointments to suit my life and they were always there for me . K.V. Perth”

- K. V. Perth

“Carolyn, I can only hope one day I meet someone as upbeat as yourself on life you have been a blessing to me.”

- R. J. Perth

“Dear Carolyn, I write to sincerely thank you for your encouragement and guidance during my recent counselling sessions with you. I found you to be a very comfortable and sincere person with whom to discuss my issues. Your non-judgemental caring persona encouraged honesty and sincerity within the consultation process and with your careful guidance I have been able to move on from issues which have influenced my life for over 50 years. Thank you once again and should I feel in need of some reassurance in the future I will be calling you. “

- L. J. Kingsley

“I have found Carolyn to be genuine, warm and caring. She has given me effective strategies and techniques to help me deal with my depression, anxiety and the issues holding me back in my life. Most importantly, she has helped me to re-build confidence in myself. Thank you Carolyn for your continuing support. “

- B. G. Highgate

“Carolyn has been my supervisor for three years. Once a month I have an hourly session with Carolyn and these sessions have proven to be invaluable to me as a professional counsellor. “

- M. D. North East WA

“Carolyn gives support and encouragement, suggestions, and techniques together with a professional yet relaxed and comforting manner. I have gained much experience and confidence from my supervision with Carolyn and highly recommend her to anyone seeking supervision of the highest standard.”

- B. G. Perth

“Very professional approach, always helpful and friendly, instilling self-esteem and confidence to overcome challenges of all types. Great way to relieve stress, feel very relaxed and self-confident after a session. Recommend to everyone!! Helps to look at problems from all aspects and suggest different ways to proceed for a win-win result.”

- B. W. South-West WA

“Metro Counselling really helped and supported me in dealing with some issues that I had in my life, they were really easy to talk to, and understood how I was feeling. They made it easy to make appointments to suit my life and they were always there for me.”

- K. V. South-West WA