Counselling Service for Stress Management

Why am I so stressed? This is a common question we ask when looking for answers behind stressful moments.

The word ‘stress’ has been so over-used that it can represent an obstacle, yet it still has a big hold on our society. Developing mindfulness can help us in developing and creating better options, that is, paying attention in the present moment. Tapping into your creativity will help you to connect with your own uniqueness to bring about change in how you react versus respond to stress in your life.

Two main factors of stress are:

  • Internal (from within – your perception) and external (out there – redundancy, relationship break-up, a traumatic event, moving house and so on). Internal conflict (within yourself) reflects the difference between what you really feel and what you are able or choose to do about it.
  • Interpersonal conflict occurs between you and another person when what they do or say is different to what you feel and vice-versa.

Stress can affect you when it begins to interfere with your day-to-day functioning. There are many different creative strategies you can do to reduce your stress levels.

Some areas we cover include:

  • A basic overview of stress and symptoms of burnout.
  • How our thoughts, feelings and behaviour respond to stress.
  • What do we forget to do when under stress? Self-observation.
  • Physical relaxation techniques.
  • Reactions to crisis.
  • How do I cope with change?
  • Strategies and tools to deal with stress and self-care.
  • Working toward taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions.
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Feeling Stressed? Remember to S.T.O.P.

We can all forget at times to remember to S.T.O.P. – a popular acronym for

  • Stop;
  • Take a breath;
  • Observe the body, thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical sensations;
  • Proceed with more awareness.

At Creative Mindfulness, I will work alongside you to gain some control back in your life and identify how stress is presenting itself in your day-to-day life.