Professional &
Clinical Supervision

Supervision is essential, offering a safeguard for clients, support for the Supervisee, and a process through which professionals can develop their skill and competence.

Individual Supervision is generally conducted on a monthly basis and can also be determined on an ‘as needs’ basis as there are situations which require immediate Supervision due to a number of factors for more private or sensitive areas of concern. I currently provide Group Supervision, limit of 10 Supervisees, and onsite at NGOs and other Allied Health organisations.

I have provided Supervision training for Counsellors, Social Workers, Psychotherapists, Team Leaders, and Line Managers for over 5 years in a Certificate of Attainment in Professional Supervision written and designed by Philip Armstrong Ph.D., FACA, MAUSAE B. Couns., Dip. Psych, SOA Professional supervision (RA).

To explain the differences between Professional and Clinical Supervision, the Australian Counselling Association, take a look at the ACA Policy Document

Counsellor supervision and professional development

According to the ACA Supervision Policy & Guidelines:

  • All registered practising counsellors, and other Allied Health professionals;
  • Any person whose job has a large component that involves them dealing with people in crisis;
  • Most professionals who work in the Human Services industry;
  • Any other person who believes it would be advantageous;
  • Professional Supervisors
  • Can discuss sensitive areas of concern;
  • The whole session is only about your own workload or concerns;
  • Undivided attention of a professionally recognised supervisor;
  • Ongoing professional development;
  • Improve your client outcomes;
  • Plenty of opportunity for Up-Skilling;
  • Self-Care;
  • Avoid burnout.
  • Cost Effective;
  • Peers can offer different perspectives, and hear from others about their experiences;
  • Networking with other professionals;
  • Ongoing professional development, plenty of opportunity for Up-skilling.

ACA defines Group Supervision as an organised and structured event that has a recognised leader who takes responsibility for the group. The leader must meet ACA Supervisor requirements. There should be a minimum of one ACA registered or recognised Supervisor for every 10 group participants.

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