Remember what initially attracted you to your partner and what build your relationship

Was it that smile? was it the way they approached you? was it the small things they did when you were together? may be a peck on the forehead even if they were walking only a few steps away. Your relationship begins with you and what you choose to prioritise.

Going down memory lane can remind us that we are more than our mortgage, bills, and responsibilities.

Somewhere inside of us there is always part of us that wants that fun, adventure, and spontaneity rejuvenated.

These steps will help you realise and prioritise feelings and emotions in your relationship and highlights things that you may want to address.

Check-up one 
UNDERSTAND and APPRECIATE how the two of you are similar or different to avoid criticising or judging each other. It’s ok to have shared and different interests. Do you support the interests of your partner even though you have no interest in it?

Check-up two
CHECK-UP on your progress for how open or confident you are at sharing your feelings, thoughts or desires to your partner. Are there are any topics that you find are really hard to open up to with your partner? Remember, your partner is not a ‘mind-reader’. Do I trust that my partner will listen or hear what I am saying?

Check-up three
IDENTIFY the amount of quality time you spend with your partner. Be clear about your commitment to the relationship. Remember that there is a difference between quality and quantity! Are you APPRECIATING and UNDERSTANDING the need for some space for separate activities too?

Check-up four
CHECK-IN with how you feel about yourself. The most important relationship you can have is the one you have with yourself. So to feel good about your relationship, you need to feel good about yourself. This AVOIDS relying on the other person to make your life ‘complete’!

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