Professional Supervision for Mental Health Workers and Counsellors

Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision is a mandatory requirement of most professional organisations, and should be written into any contracts where a counsellor is employed. Professional Supervision is critical to ensure a Counsellor or Mental Health Workers are supported both professionally and personally to ensure safety for them and the clients they work with. It is a way of developing their work, improving outcomes, minimising risk for both client and professional.

Being a qualified and experienced Counsellor does not automatically qualify for a person to be a Supervisor. This is a specialist area, needing training, experience and advanced communication skills to be an effective Supervisor.Supervision is an avenue to allow for a Counsellor or other Mental Health Worker to speak with someone who is trained to identify any behavioural and/or psychological changes in the Counsellor or Mental Health Worker that could cause an inability to cope with their work with the clients. A Supervisors role is to challenge and inform a Supervisee to improve their work and ultimately improve client outcomes. The Supervisor is responsible for observing the Mental Health and work practices of the Supervisee, and further develop their skills, to protect the clients from poor work practices and outcomes.  There is a difference between internal and external supervision.  Both have a different perspective, and objectives and are equally important for the counsellor or mental health worker to receive.

We offer professional training for those who wish to know more about Supervision, currently work with Supervisees wanting to enhance your skills, or someone who is about to be in this role.

3 Day ACA Accredited Clinical Supervision Training

This training encompasses approximately 24 hours of face to face supervision training and 40 hours of pre-workshop study. The training culminates in a formal assessment phase. This meets the specified criteria for the current ACA Supervision Training Standards (2015).

Supervisor Training Course will enable the graduate, as a minimum, to:-

  • Define the role of a Clinical Supervisor; identify the goals of supervision;
  • Describe the supervisory relationship;
  • Demonstrate the skills required for conducting diverse supervision interventions;
  • Provide effective evaluation; present effectual feedback to supervisees;
  • Successfully undertake a variety of supervisor administration tasks, and address the ethical and legal considerations of supervision.

Overview of Program:-

  • Theory of Supervision
  • What is Professional Supervision?
  • What skills does a professional supervisor need?
  • What will be covered in a session of professional supervision?
  • What are the different settings and forms for professional supervision?
  • What are the Supervisor and Supervisee’s responsibilities?
  • Legal and Risk management issues in the Allied Health Industry
  • Legislation
  • Front-line management professional supervision
  • Issues in applying Professional Supervision
  • Resistant supervisees
  • Armstrong Model
  • Note taking and record keeping
  • Mental Health Issues and Supervision
  • Transference potential
  • Stress, Anxiety, Conflict and potential Burnout.

Follow this link for an application to register/enrol in our upcoming training:

PLEASE NOTE: March Class is filled 

What our graduates have said about the three day ACA Approved Supervisor Training 2014-2015:

“Great workshop, very valuable information, and I look forward to putting it to practice”.

“Great pace- good learning environment”.

“Very well presented. I was alert and awake wanting more learning, meant I could stay all day, I got a lot out of the course. I learned how to apply strategies and to just be yourself.  Excellent Presenter”.

“Excellent course, well presented and structured. Practical role plays were invaluable”.

“The presenter was excellent-confident, knowledgeable, experienced and encouraging. Admin staff were very kind and helpful. I would recommend this course to others.”

“Thank you Carolyn for running such a wonderful course that is very practical. I found this to be one of the best courses I have done, and got a lot out of it.”

“Engaging process for all 3 days”.

“Thank you a very worthwhile experience. Very valuable”.

“Great presenting, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and kept the energy up. Really enjoyed.”informa

“I believe that the sideways learning, experiential learning was invaluable. With this style of learning the level and experience of people attending is imperative. Thanks for a fun and interactive workshop”.

“Presenter- a delightful experience with good knowledge, sense of humour, and supportive- Excellent information. An experience I would never have missed, very informative, challenging and a good adventure”.

“Worth giving up 3 days A/L and a day off. Learned things of real value from a presenter who has wonderful range of skills and experience”.

“Carolyn excellent presenter-Ray and Carolyn a good source of knowledge and ideas. Carolyn very positive”.

“Thoroughly enjoyed myself. I loved the emphasis on experiential learning. Thank you Thank you”.

“An excellent learning experience. The facilitation was wonderful, presented with humanity, insight, and an enormous depth of clinical experience. I loved the process and the chance to learn from others. Thank you so much”.

“The therapy really came to life once we started working on scenarios and applying it. The presenter was fantastic at respecting the group dynamic-very insightful. Enjoyed it immensely”.

“Well presented, interesting, lots of information delivered in a fun but authentic way”.


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