Valentines: Last minute date night ideas

Valentines Ideas

Valentines 2016 is less than 24 hours away and if you are still stuck on sparking up a little intimacy or special moment this love day then stress no more our counsellors have compiled up a few ideas that might help you.

The great thing about Valentines this year is that is;

  1. It falls on a Sunday
  2. It is forecasted to be a a gorgeous 30 degree day, and
  3. There are so many amazing things happening around our EPIC city

This ideas are suitable for both men and women. A combination of budget ideas,  some luxury, some classic. So lets get started with the ideas; 

  1. Joint massage and aroma therapy (relaxing and nurturing)
    Perfect for a Sunday afternoon. It has been hot week so get out for a nice relaxing massage. It’s intimate, gets you relaxed and excited for the week ahead
  2. Prepare and cook a romantic meal at home
    This one is a classic. Cooking your partner’s favourite meal and may be accompanied by “Netflix and chill”  something like this
  3. Surprise picnic
    There are so many great spots around Perth for a movie moment like this. The beaches, Kings Park, South Perth Foreshore or even Perth’s newest addition Elizabeth Quay.
  4. Elizabeth Quay
    This is Perth’s newest addition  and a brilliant hang out spot. It is equally as romantic as it is adventurous. You can begin with a 25 min Transperth Ferry ride to the South Perth Foreshore and back followed by drinks and a meal at the Embargo Bar and the street food pop ups. Then after you are fuelled up you can head over to the Chevron Gardens and Fringe Festival set up at the Quay. The Fringe set up is glorious with merry go round and skating. It is romantic movie scene heaven and really amazing. You can finish the night off with the water light show which is spectacular.
  5. A twilight Dinner and Cruise along the river
    This is really lush. You can get dressed up and have a nice dinner while enjoying the views and just taking a moment together for the night.
  6. Plan an experience for each other
    Hot Air balloon, Flight Simulator, Stars at night at an observatory with a Champagne picnic, or other close to the heart experience.
  7. Theatre Show or Concert of your choice
    3 words, THE LION KING and of course there are some brilliant restaurants over at The Crown for date night.
  8. Cinema Gold Class and a meal after (romantic or comedy movie)
    Super classic and one where you cannot go wrong.
  9. At home retreat
    Give each other a massage, shower each other, and try a fun exercise look into each other’s eyes tell each other why you love them. See how many good points you can come up with.
  10. Re-Create your first date and go down memory lane to capture that first feeling you had about each other, re-ignite the spark!

We hope this helped you think up a great date night this valentines and we hope you have a superb Valentines Day.


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