Understanding Anger

Handling heated “anger filled” situations with #slay wit

Anger can be sparked from many circumstances so this TIP TUESDAY we are sharing some tips that help you understand the situations and resolve matters.

1. Recognise who the anger belongs to.

2. Develop some safe and healthy ways to release our anger and any other associated
feelings such as sadness, anxiety, helplessness etc. (walk, punch a punching bag, swim,
dance, talk to a friend, punch a pillow etc).

3. Recognise the first thoughts of anger. When they arrive in your ‘in box’ and how they
physically manifest, e.g. stomach, throat, clenched fists etc. STOP and breathe; practice
some of the safe and healthy ways to release the anger.

4. Learn to respond (cool head) instead of react (hot head). Give some mental breathing
space to decide if what you are about to do will be of any use.

5. If it has nothing to do with other people, then let them know that you are feeling angry, that it has nothing to do with them, give you time, and you will be ok. This gives transparency, others can acknowledge and give you space, you feel validated, the anger dissipates, and you are able to then talk about it with more clarity toward developing options.

We share “TIP TUESDAY” every fortnight so make sure you come back,

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